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At the same time as being one of the core businesses and wholly owned subsidiaries of listed corporation Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui Kinzoku”), Mitsui Kinzoku ACT has also established a sophisticated governance system on par with those of listed companies, placing it on the same rank as Mitsui Kinzoku itself.

Mitsui Kinzoku Group
Management Plan
Basic Policy

Governance System

  • – Board of Directors meetings are held at least once a month without fail, to discuss management-related matters.
  • – An executive officer system has been introduced to separate management from executive duties. Management Council meetings consisting entirely of executive officers are held at least once a month without fail, and independently of Board of Directors, to ensure swift decision-making.
  • – A meeting of the Compliance Committee—comprising executive officers and chaired by the Chief Compliance Officer—is held once every quarter in order to drive, supervise and monitor compliance activities across the entire Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Group, including overseas locations.
  • – Mitsui Kinzoku ACT has established a basic policy on building an internal control system, and is endeavoring to develop and enhance such a system in accordance with this policy.

Governance System Diagram

Governance System Diagram