Mitsui Kinzoku ACT engages in automotive component production from development to design and manufacturing, that satisfy customer's needs and wants.

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Education and Training
Mitsui Kinzoku ACT has established a wide range of training programs including stratified education, specialized technical training and skills-based monozukuri education.

Stratified Education Stratified Education
- Newly hire employee training
- Middle-ranking employee training
- Management training ...and more
Specialized technical training Specialized technical training
- Quality assurance / evaluation training
- Design training
- Technical / mold training ...and more
Monozukuri (MPW: the Mitsui Production Way, or MPW) Education Monozukuri (the Mitsui Production Way, or MPW) Education
- Training for newly-appointed supervisor
- Monozukuri training
- Field management training ...and more
Other Other
- Foreign language training, overseas training (study abroad) programs
- Range of career development support education
- Self development, correspondence education program
- Participation in outside seminars and outside training sessions
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