Mitsui Kinzoku ACT engages in automotive component production from development to design and manufacturing, that satisfy customer's needs and wants.

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Message from President
Message from President
President and Representative Director
Takashi Manabe
To all the visitors of our website:
After the government change in late 2012, a sense of hope from monetary and government policy changes, along with growth strategies has worked to lift up the stock prices, ease the acute overvaluation of the Yen, and beginning of an end to stubborn deflation. In addition, financial reforms have brought about a marked progress for the reconstruction projects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
As for the world economy, Europe and North America is showing signs of a recovery, while China and other emerging nations are showing signs of slowing down. In particular, move towards quantitative easing by the U.S.A. have left nations such as Turkey and others in ASEAN regions vulnerable to currency devaluation, stock price reductions, and high interest rates.
In the Japanese automotive industry, sales are expected to contract due to a consumption tax increase and to the revision of automobile-related taxation; at the same time, the focus on increasingly comfortable and safe automobiles and on fuel efficiency is expected to boost present trends towards lightening and miniaturization. In the global market, on the other hand, market expansion in China, the world's largest producer, is predicted to continue; likewise, recovery in the U.S. market is expected to be vigorous and to reach pre- Lehman Brothers collapse levels. If the European market recovery and the growth trajectory of emerging countries picked up speed, production volume is predicted to approach 100 million units by 2017.
Mitsui Kinzoku ACT enters its fourth year of existence. Whatever the environment under which it operates, Mitsui Kinzoku ACT will strive to be a company of sustained growth and development on a global scale. By returning to our roots as a component manufacturer and implementing as well as enhancing the Mitsui Production Way, which encompasses all facets from development to delivery and quality assurance, Mitsui Kinzoku ACT will focus on the development of next-generation products as it builds top quality and competitive costs. Moreover, we will devote ourselves to maximizing customer satisfaction by responding to customer needs and the global market.
As we advance our management principle of "contribute to society and achieve perpetual growth by respecting, nurturing and utilizing people and creating good products through superior monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities," we hope to put into practice the ACT Guidelines for Action (Achieve - follow things through to the end; Create - always generate the new; Try - challenge without hesitation) in a positive manner.

Takashi Manabe
President and Representative Director
Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corporation

Management Principles and Guidelines for Action
Contribute to society and achieve perpetual growth
by respecting, nurturing and utilizing people
and creating good products through superior monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities.

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT is a global company that will continue to offer top quality products to satisfy customers using its development capabilities, expertise in production techniques and strength in quality control technologies which it has developed over a long history dealing with automobiles.
At the forefront of the changing times where environmental and technological changes occur on a daily basis, Mitsui Kinzoku ACT continues to offer value with the proposition of new products with a focus on the functional components that product safety and comfort in automobiles around the world.
Based on a principle of respecting others, which places a high value on human resources, we will strive to develop a corporate climate that places importance on safety culture and individual motivation above all else, while contributing to society and achieving growth through monozukuri manufacturing.
The three guidelines for action that lead to technology

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