Mitsui Kinzoku ACT engages in automotive component production from development to design and manufacturing, that satisfy customer's needs and wants.

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Corporate Governance

Policy on Corporate Governance Initiatives

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT regards it as its social responsibility to promote compliance management and continue to provide top-quality products. To put this approach into practice, we believe it is essential to establish, maintain and develop a system of highly fair and transparent management, and are working to enhance our systems for corporate governance.


Mitsui Kinzoku ACT takes the form of a company with a resident auditing officer. The General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors meeting, auditing officer and accounting auditor have been established as legally-mandated organization, and in addition, a Management Council has been established as an independent organization.

Overview of Main Organization

  • Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors is the highest organization in the company, responsible for the determination and supervision of business operations. The Board of Directors generally meets once monthly, where it renders decisions on matters required by law and important management-related matters, as well as supervises the undertaking of business operations. To invigorate the Board of Directors and enhance its managerial and supervisory functions, Mitsui Kinzoku ACT has invited outside board members.
  • Auditing Officer
    The auditing officer audits board members in the execution of their duties. The auditing officer works to improve the quality of auditing through coordination with the accounting auditor as well as the auditing officer of the parent company. At the same time, by attending important meetings such as those of the Board of Directors meeting and Management Council meeting and through surveys and other examinations of company business affairs, the auditing officer conducts audits of the compliance of business operations with laws and the articles of incorporation, and fulfills a monitoring function of management.
  • Management Council meeting
    The Management Council meeting is established as an organization responsible for discussing, determining, incorporating and coordinating with respect to important matters concerning overall company management, including matters brought up for discussion at Board of Directors meetings. The Council generally meets twice monthly, and engages in flexible management as the decision-making body second to the Board of Directors meeting.

Internal Control

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT has laid out a Basic Policy on the Building of Internal Control Systems and endeavors to maintain and enhance internal systems in line with this policy.

System Diagram

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