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The automotive industry is experiencing a time of great change, of a scale that occurs only once a century, including the rapid expansion of the EV market and the entry of different industries.
To continue to achieve corporate growth and contribute to society in this rapidly changing automotive industry, we have established our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Mission: the role that we will fulfill in society in 2050
Vision: what we want to be in 2030
Value: the set of values and beliefs we want to uphold

We have developed the Medium-term Plan 2022, an action plan for FY2022 to FY2024 aiming to achieve the vision for 2030.


Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corporation's Mission, Vision, and Value

The role that we will fulfill in society in 2050
We would like to contribute to the future mobility society through safe, comfortable, eco-friendly products that satisfy customers' needs.
What we want to be in 2030
We have cultivated technologies for door opening and closing and monozukuri (manufacturing) over more than 50 years.
Based on those technologies, we aim to transition to a door system supplier that provides new impressions towards the age of electrified and automated doors.
The set of values we want to uphold
We work with tenacity to achieve success.
We take on challenges for our growth and evolve to create the future.
We are a team and translate individual ability into corporate growth.

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corporation 22 Mid-term Plan
— Specific actions to achieve our vision —

Transition to a system supplier

We will establish a sales expansion system and transit to a system supplier towards the age of electrified and automated doors.

Enhancement of branding
with quality

We will enhance upstream measures for quality improvement and be a company that earns even greater trust from customers.

Constant strengthening
of cost competitiveness

We will optimize our global production and promote the realization of smart factories to strength cost competitiveness.

Increase of social value

We will strive to increase social value from the perspective of "ESG."
 - Strength the competitiveness of human resources (job satisfaction reform, career development support)
 - Reduce CO2 emissions for carbon neutrality by 2050.